Cloud Overview

Cloud Overview


Eurotech’s Everyware™ Cloud is a software platform that quickly connects devices to build and manages end-to-end machine to machine (M2M) applications. Everyware Cloud provides an open, flexible platform that easily connects embedded devices to IT systems or to existing applications immediately solving infrastructure problems among distributed devices and systems.


Some of the features of the Everyware Cloud are:


·         Real-time Data – Session-oriented connection for faster bidirectional communication between devices and applications

·         Informed Business Decisions – On-the-fly device data correlation to trigger business decisions

·         Long-term Queryable Data – Stored data may be queried for up to 36 months

·         Flexible – Data in any format can be stored and accessed in the schema-less database

·         Open – Open standards based, ready for future development

·         Bandwidth Efficient – Device specific low-overhead protocol to minimize network traffic

·         Quick and Easy Setup – Simple graphical user interface and zero configuration required for new device connectivity

·         Device Independent – Open platform, so any enabled device can be connected. Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF) enabled devices are natively connected.

·         Secure – Leverages secure, reliable protocols